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Expressions Gallery Arts & Educational Center

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing art to the community through classes, events, and public art. Contact us to find out about our upcoming classes and events.

We Host:

• Art Classes for All Ages • Children's Birthday Parties • Public  Art Shows

 Classes are offered at Expressions Gallery, in the Artists' Studios or in your location, institution or home.


Classes for Children & Adults
We offer workshops for skilled artists, classes for children ages 4 1/2 and older and classes for adults who are interested in developing their artistic skills. Call Marge Essel for more information at 510 - 548-2617.

Childrens Birthday Parties

Give your kids a chance to play learn and celebrate during an Art Birthday Party at Expressions Gallery. Choose a theme such as a Princess party or a Robot Party and have your guests come in costume. Art will entertain all lead by one of our art teachers.

Public Art Displays 

Educating the community to various forms and styles of art is one of our goals and this is done by presenting art shows in public places. If you have a space that the public can see like a restaurant, storefront, lobby or other locations, let us know and we will work with you to put up a show.

Artists and Teachers
Our gallery is always looking for inspired and inspiring teachers and artists who love to share their skills through demonstrations or classes. Call us today to express your interest.

About Us
Expressions Gallery Arts & Educational Center is a 501.3c non profit organization  that grew out of Expressions Gallery (www.expressionsgallery.org)and is dedicated to bringing art to the community through classes, events, and public art displays.


Contact us at (510) 644-4930 to learn more about art classes for your children or yourself.

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