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We can accept foundation grants, and donations as a non-profit organization. We also accept digital cameras, computer and printing equipment, art related computer programs and computer and art supplies that are tax deductible to you or your company or organization. Sponsor a child's classes or pay an art teacher to offer a free class to a number of kids who no longer have access to the arts through public school due to budget cuts and the current economic situation. Art offers a lot more than play -- it offers the opportunity to develop the creative side of the brain that when combined with the analytical side allows individuals to think outside the box and make better decisions.


Volunteer to do fundraising for Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center. Or teach a class, or help us provide enough adult supervison so we can work with young children and have at least a 5 to 1 adult to kids ratio. This frees the teacher to focus on teaching with others present to focus on safety and behavior. We also can use techy voluteers to assist us in working with older artists who have not mastered the computer or even the internet and this leaves many of them unable to participate in current art gallery shows. Teach them to use a digital camera, to size their work on the internet using art and photography software, and to communicate on the internet.


We have worked together with many organizations and groups toward a mutual cause. We have worked with pet adoption agencies through Pet Art shows and a joint fundraiser, with environmental groups with a show using found art or recycled art to spread the need to be mindful of living green, with hospices and hospitals who have residents who need art in their lives to enrich their days, and others. If you have an idea for a collaboration, give us a call.

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